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NovoSeven® RT responds with
speed to control their bleeds1-3,a

The speed, efficacy, and safety of NovoSeven® RT (Coagulation Factor VIIa [Recombinant]) is available in a convenient system designed to streamline the mixing process.1-4

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aIn patients with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors.

Give him rapid bleed control
in as few as 5 hours1,a-c

Effectively controls muscle bleeds
Effectively controls joint bleeds

a For joint bleeds in patients with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors.

bData from a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, multicenter study of patients with hemophilia A or B with and without an inhibitor. Patients were given NovoSeven® (Coagulation Factor VIIa [Recombinant]) at dosing intervals of 2 to 3 hours. Efficacy reflects the number of patients reporting excellent, effective, or partially effective results. Response was rated as “excellent” if patient demonstrated definitive relief of pain/tenderness and/or if there was a measurable decrease in the size of the bleed (or arrest of bleeding) in 8 hours or less. An “effective” response was measured by any of these 3 events occurring from 8 to 14 hours; a “partially effective” response either occurred after 14 hours or indicated detectable relief of pain/tenderness or decrease in bleeding.

cMedian of 2 doses.

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Give him rapid reconstitution —
16x less infusion volume than

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Products scaled proportionally from actual size.

pd-aPCC=plasma-derived activated prothrombin complex concentrate.

dIndividual doses are compared and based on an 88-kg

(194-lb) person receiving a single dose for a joint bleed.

Give him rapid infusion time —
up to 18x faster than pd-aPCC2,5

eDosage based on a 75-U/kg dose for a joint

fPatients are cautioned that the maximum injection
 or infusion rate must not exceed 2 units per kg of
 body weight per minute.

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Rooted in effective
bleed control1-3

Reaching to help more patient types
than any other factor product

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Indications and Usage

NovoSeven® RT (Coagulation Factor VIIa [Recombinant]) is a coagulation factor indicated for:

Important Safety Information


  • Serious arterial and venous thrombotic events following administration of NovoSeven® RT have been reported.
  • Discuss the risks and explain the signs and symptoms of thrombotic and thromboembolic events to patients who will receive NovoSeven® RT.
  • Monitor patients for signs or symptoms of activation of the coagulation system and for thrombosis.

Warnings and Precautions

Adverse Reactions

Drug Interactions

Please click here for NovoSeven® RT Prescribing Information.

References: 1. Lusher JM, Roberts HR, Davignon G, et al; and rFVIIa Study Group. A randomized, double-blind comparison of two dosage levels of recombinant factor VIIa in the treatment of joint, muscle and mucocutaneous haemorrhages in persons with haemophilia A and B, with and without inhibitors. Haemophilia. 1998;4(6):790-798. 2. NovoSeven RT [package insert]. Plainsboro, NJ: Novo Nordisk Inc; 2015. 3. Bysted BV, Scharling B, Møller T, Hansen BL. A randomized, double-blind trial demonstrating bioequivalence of the current recombinant activated factor VII formulation and a new robust 25°C stable formulation. Haemophilia. 2007;13(5):527-532. 4. Abshire T, Kenet G. Safety update on the use of recombinant factor VIIa and the treatment of congenital and acquired deficiency of factor VIII or IX with inhibitors. Haemophilia. 2008;14(5):898-902. 5. Feiba [package insert]. Westlake Village, CA: Baxter Healthcare Corporation; 2013.