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What is NovoSeven® RT (Coagulation Factor VIIa [Recombinant])?

NovoSeven® RT is the only recombinant factor VII (7) Factor VII (7)
One of the 13 clotting-factor proteins that helps form blood clots.
product available for the treatment of bleeding Bleeding
In hemophilia, a collection of blood in an area, such as a muscle or joint.
episodes and prevention of surgical bleeding in patients with hemophilia A Hemophilia A
A bleeding disorder caused by lack of Factor VIII (8). It is sometimes called classic or standard hemophilia.
or B Hemophilia B
A bleeding disorder caused by lack of Factor IX (9).
with inhibitors Inhibitor
A substance made by the body that attacks factor so it cannot work as well. For example, a Factor VIII (8) inhibitor would keep Factor VIII from working with other factors and platelets to stop bleeding.
to factor VIII (8) Factor VIII (8)
One of the 13 clotting-factor proteins that helps form blood clots.
or factor IX (9) Factor IX (9)
One of the 13 clotting-factor proteins that helps form blood clots.
, patients with acquired hemophilia Acquired hemophilia
A form of hemophilia in which the body starts producing antibodies that fight its own blood-clotting proteins.
, patients with congenital factor VII deficiency, and patients with Glanzmann's thrombasthenia who have a decreased or absent response to platelet transfusions.

How NovoSeven® RT works

There are a number of factors Factor
A protein in the blood that helps form blood clots.
in the clotting Clotting
The process of forming into a clot or clots.
process. Clotting happens when each factor works together in the right order. The clotting process can be slowed or stopped if 1 factor is blocked or missing. In order for a stable clot Clot
The thickened mass of blood and cells your body forms to stop the bleeding at the place where you have been injured.
to form, the deficient Deficient
A lack or shortage of something.
factor in the blood-clotting Blood clotting
Also known as coagulation. It is the process of turning some of the elements in the blood into a clot. Blood clotting is the result of a sequence of actions and reactions that involve several different proteins in the blood.
process must be replaced or bypassed.

NovoSeven® RT is called a bypassing agent Bypassing agent
A product that treats a bleed without the need for Factor VIII (8) or Factor IX (9).
because it skips the need for factor VIII or IX in people with inhibitors, instead activating factor X (10) directly. For people with factor VII deficiency Factor VII (7) deficiency
A rare bleeding disorder in which the blood has low levels of Factor VII. Factor VII is important in the blood-clotting process because it binds to blood cells near the location of an injury and to activated platelets, setting the clotting process in motion.
, NovoSeven® RT is used to replace the missing factor, so the clotting process can continue.

Indications and Usage

NovoSeven® RT (Coagulation Factor VIIa [Recombinant]) is used for:

Important Safety Information


  • Serious blood clots that form in veins and arteries with the use of NovoSeven® RT have been reported.
  • Your healthcare provider should discuss the risks and explain the signs and symptoms of blood clots to you. Some signs of a blood clot may include pain, swelling, warmth, redness, or a lump in your legs or arms, chest pain, shortness of breath, or sudden severe headache and/or loss of consciousness or function.
  • Your healthcare provider should monitor you for blood clots during treatment with NovoSeven® RT.

Warnings and Precautions

Side Effects

Use with Other Drugs

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